Well I checked my list of referring links today and I was bit surprised. It seems people from the government are viewing my site much more frequently recently, and from a varied sources.

Below is a screen shot of my to-the-minute referrals. As you can see most of the highlighted government sources came to my site by searching google for “death and taxes poster” or something like that. i must say, some of the sources make me a little uneasy. US Department of Justice? Office of the Secretary of defense? Department of Homeland Security? … we are all friends here right…. right?

Here is a list of the govenment sources that have visited this site in the last 24 hours. – Department of Justice – General Services Administration – US Strategic Command – Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation – ??? anyone know what this is? – Air Force – Fish and Wildlife Service – Navy – Peace Corps – Department of Veterens Affairs – ??? anyone know what this is? – Environmental Protection Agency – Department of State – Army – NASA – Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory – The Federal Judiciary – Department of Defense – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – Department of Homeland Security – Defense Logistics Agency – Raytheon Corporation, ok so they aren’t a government agency, but they might as well be.
While it’s good to see my experiment in DIY government oversight make its way into the federal goverment itself, I hope it doesn’t put me on any kind of watch list or something. While the current administration maybe not appreciate my efforts to open up the government, I just want to remind folks that the poster has been sent to over 30 members of congress and to departments all over the government, including directors at the pentagon. So keep that in mind while my cell is being readied in Guantanamo.

Just kidding.

..but seriously though, do they have body pillows down there?

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