The 2004 version took a year to complete.

The 2007 version took four months.

And the 2008 version is released in just over two months since the president released his Feb 5th budget request. Yes, hundreds of hours of pouring over thousands of pages of dreary monotonous budget documents, endless tables, and the cryptic military budget have finally paid off.

I present, Death and Taxes: 2008

Ok, thats a bit small. The big version is here. And I mean big! The flash version is 50% bigger than before which means more gorgeous detail. And what detail! There is so much more data this time around and in almost every department.

Some major improvements are:

  • The total budget including medicare, social security and all that jazz is now part of the poster as a smaller inline graph. Yes, I listen to your criticisms, er… I mean suggestions This graph is an economical dual hyperbolic tree / pie chart. I defy you to fit more information in a smaller a space!
  • There is no large circle for non-military spending. Many people got a bit hung up on this one so I removed it and now every department feeds directly into the main circle.
  • The Global War on Terror funding is completely expanded. Before it was just one lonely representational circle. Now it is an orgy of delicious and puzzling data, like $103 million for construction in Afghanistan. But wait a minute! There is also $118 million for construction in… California?
  • Some other departments that are more in depth include the Department of Transportation, Health and Human services, Treasury (IRS) and National Science Foundation.
  • Improved design! Its not so stark as the previous white on black so there is more room for the eye to roam around. Also some color has been added to spice up the sea of data.
  • The flash viewer got an over haul courtesy of Nick Alston over at Its bigger, easier to navigate, and dead sexy.

I could go on but just check out the darn thing for your self.

I have sold over 1000 of the 2007 version and hope to double that this year. This is not just a high quality poster with numbers on it. It is a poster of your federal taxes, of your federal government, of our national priorities, of your very near future!

And it just happens to look delicious on your wall.

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