If this poster isn’t on the wall of your office, living room, or above your head board, it needs to be.  Here are 10 reasons why this poster is a must have.


  • 10.  This isn’t some flimsy paper thin poster.  It is printed in gorgeous color on 100# cover stock, as think as a business card.  I wanted this poster to extrude quality just by touching it, and it does.
  •  9. This poster isn’t some partisan propaganda piece.  It’s be praised by both the extreme right and left and everyone in between.  Even those in the administration and pentagon have purchased and heralded this poster.  Although I can’t say just who due to legal and political implications of government endorsements.
  •  8. This is a poster of the near future.  Notice the date, 2008.  The trends, patterns, and data in this poster will be coming to life in the very near future.  This is your chance to get ahead of the data curve.
  • 7. Face it, there is simply nothing else like this poster anywhere, not even close.  This is the only place to get it and it is truly, one of its kind.
  • 6. The poster has been sent to over 50 members of congress.  Now you and your representatives can have something in common besides your values.
  • 5. If you are looking for the ultimate conversation piece, this is it.  When was the last time you had to pry people away from artwork in your home or office?
  • 4. Its big and comprehensive.  There are over 400 budgetary items on this poster, of which you knew of 2%.  Now you can back up your heated discussions with some facts and hard data.  Your friends/enemies will be impressed/disheartened.
  • 3.  This poster isn’t just about taxes, it’s a sprawling map of the federal government.  If you know what the NSA and DHS are, you probably have a college degree.  If you know what DDG-1000 and NPOESS are, you probably already own the poster.
  • 2.  For the bargin price of $24.95 you will not find a better value for information out there.  Considering the amount of misconceptions and political rhetoric this poster systematically cuts through, can you really afford not to have this information a head’s turn away?

Now what are you waiting for?…

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